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QR Menu App for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes | QRMyMenu™

Ditch Printed Menus and Go Mobile Today

Get the best QR Menu App FREE!
Online Ordering, Marketing Tools, POS Integration, Custom Websites, and more upgrades are available, just click to upgrade or give us a call.

Save Time & Money While Keepin’ it Clean!

Take advantage of the many benefits of our exclusive QRMyMenu™ Mobile QR Menu App for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and more.

It's Cleaner

Avoid spreading harmful germs by eliminating the traditional paper and plastic menus. We provide heavy duty vinyl stickers with your unique QR Code that endure countless table cleanings.

ADA Compliant

Avoid ADA Lawsuits with our ADA Compliant QR Menu App. Your customers will be able to easily view your menu without zooming in and out on an image/PDF file like the vast majority of QR Menu tools on the market today.

Easy to Manage

No Developers or Web Designers needed. Manage your QR Menu App with an easy dashboard. In fact, it's so easy, you can add menu items and photos  from your mobile phone or iPad.

Built In Advertising, Social Media, and Review Sites

Our exclusive Mobile QR Menu App is also a great marketing tool which will increase customer loyalty, engagement, and sales.

Free Advertising

Your QR Menu App prompts each customer to download your menu App. Once they download your menu to their phone, they'll always have it with them. This means that they are more likely to tell their friends about you and show them your menu right on their own phone from anywhere.

Connect Your Social Media

Increase customer engagement on social media channels. We'll integrate your social media profiles AND include share buttons throughout your menu. We can even setup Facebook Messenger so your guests can chat with you directly.

Encourage More Reviews

With our QR Menu App you can have your review sites linked to your Menu App. Then, your servers can encourage happy guests to leave reviews right from their phones.

Activate Our Online Ordering System

Watch our online ordering demo video to see how easy it is for your customers and your staff. You're sure to increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand exposure when using our QR My Menu system with online ordering enabled.

Food Items On A Table for QR My Menu App
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